John Fox & Randy Ventrca
"They're Not Makin Any More Texas"
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Two for the Road Band: Out of the Box

"They're Not Makin Any More Texas" and "My Beloved"

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                                         Randy            &            John

Here Ya Go
"Out Of The Box"  Begins With A Few Gentle Country Songs Then Moves Into A Couple Quirky Ones Before Randy's Amazing Blues Solo.
These Seven Precede Four Southern Rock Songs Guaranteed To Satisfy Anyone's Rock & Roll Cravings.
This Is An Eclectic Eleven Song Offering.

John Fox and Randy Ventrca have done it again.
Their second effort "Out Of The Box" has been released.

John and Randy recorded this offering at Studio One
and the quality is superb.
They brought in the exceptional Ruben "Paul" Young to class up the drums & bass on some tracks... and as expected he did just that.

The song selection for this project may have been the hardest part and we think they nailed it.
They wanted to satisfy their country fans, rock fans and throw in a couple quirky ones also.
They picked some of John's songs & some of Randy's and have delivered something for everyone's musical taste.

 As many of you already know John and Randy are former band mates from a little five piece Texas band.
John and Randy got back together a couple of years ago to do some more recordings and produced "Six plus Five" as Two For The Road.

Now their just released sophomore offering "Out Of The Box" also includes another former band member Ruben "Paul" Young playing bass and drums on some tracks.

John's songs and vocals have always been outstanding and now they're being played again with his favorite musicians.
Randy's songs are amazing and as a guitarist... well you'll just have to
listen... words can't explain.
Paul's bass playing and drumming is what other bass players and drummers can only aspire to.
The combination of songs, musicians, creativity & chemistry is evident on each track..... It's all come together on this CD.
Happy Listening


1 "Somebody's Gonna Love That Girl"  Randy Ventrca
2 "You Ain't Fat"  John Fox
3 "Somebody Someday"  John Fox
4 "It's A Blue Planet"  John Fox 
5 "A Tribute To Moses"  John Fox
6 "What Elvis Said"  John Fox
7 "Somethin's Goin Down"  Randy Ventrca
8 "Rollin Down The Road"  Randy Ventrca
9 "Angelina"  John Fox
10 "Drivin Me Crazy"  Randy Ventrca
11 "Love Is My Business"  John Fox
Cover Art Randy Ventrca
Recorded & Mixed By Randy Ventrca At Studio One
Published Top Tin Barn (ASCAP)
Tin Barn Records
Copyright 2013